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For a Zapatista Delegation in Austria

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This summer, a delegation of 120 Zapatistas from Mexico, most of them women, accompanied by 40 representatives of the Indigenous National Congress and indigenous environmental organizations, plans to travel to Europe. The Zapatistas want to meet with the ‚Europe from below‘ – that is, with people, groups and initiatives critical of capitalism who are also building a different world.

Committees are currently forming across Europe to coordinate this important outreach between the Global South and Global North. This is also the case in Austria, where a broad alliance of organizations and individuals is emerging. So far, a caravan is being considered, i.e. a rather spectacular joint movement (perhaps from Salzburg to Vienna? ); a meeting festival of several days in Vienna, where discussions of actors and activists from as many anti-capitalist initiatives as possible from as many areas as possible on as many topics as possible should be possible – in a corona-safe way, so presumably open air; as well as smaller groups traveling to other provinces and meeting activists there; e.g. in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz, Graz, at Peršmanhof in the south of Kärnten, in Burgenland, etc. Experiences from last summer regarding corona-safe events will be incorporated into this planning.

The coordinators are now looking for
▸ multipliers of various backgrounds, who enjoy communicating the
the story/s of the Zapatistas, the events of this spectacle and the insights gained from the encounters;
▸ potent organizations that issue invitations and thus guarantee visas;
▸ and above all: people and organizations that participate in organizing and discussing the event.
Because one result of the Zapatista journey should also be to bring about a process of approximation and encounter between activists and committed people in Austria, an exchange between data and refugee activists, human rights, children’s and climate protection activists, anti-racists, fighters against poverty and feminists in Austria.

Last but not least, we are looking for donors and sponsors – institutional as well as personal – to contribute to the travel, accommodation and other expenses of the Zapatista delegation. Donations of any amount are kindly requested to be transferred to this account:

Solidarity Committee Mexiko Salzburg
IBAN: AT81 2040 4000 4148 1813
Purpose: ZapaTourAustria

Would you like to be part of it? Do you have any tips on which organizations or committed individuals we can contact? Write an email to zapatour@kinoki.at